My Commitment to You - My Customer

I take my commitment to you, my customer, very seriously and will make every effort to provide the flowers you have ordered.  As I grow everything in the field, I may be impacted by weather, wildlife and other factors out of my control.  Should I be unable to provide the flowers you have ordered, I will offer to provide the flowers at the next available opportunity or refund your payment based on your preference.

Additionally, should there be an issue with the flowers you purchase directly from me, please contact me and I will work with you personally to resolve the issue.  

Flowers equate to happiness and only through 100% customer satisfaction am I providing the experience I seek for you to have.

Locally grown beautiful flowers are available near you in bouquets, bunches and DIY buckets and come with come with my personal commitment to you.

Locally grown beautiful flowers are available near you in bouquets, bunches and DIY buckets and come with come with my personal commitment to you.

name, address, phone number and e-mail privacy

Each online order has an associated "pop up" box I have designed where I ask you to provide information necessary for me to communicate with you regarding the order you placed.  At no time will your information be sold or shared with any other party, nor will I utilize your information to solicit future sales.

Please note I do select a small percentage of weekly orders to mail a thank you post card to and on that card I do ask you to share with me your opinion of the bouquet.  This is to express my appreciation and also to help me better serve our community as a farmer florist.  

Who is the credit card processor for the online store?

I utilize Square Space as my website host and Stripe as my credit card processor. At no time is your credit card information shared with me or stored on any of my devices.  Stripe serves as an independent third party processor for me and for the majority of companies utilizing Square Space.  

cancellation deadline and cancellation fees

An online order for Friday Flowers or a Flower Fix bouquet with on farm pick-up may be cancelled by 6:00 am the day before the selected delivery or farm visit. Cancellations will only be accepted via the Contact The Farmer page on this website.  A 10% cancellation fee will be applied to the order to cover credit card processing fees.  Cancellations will not be honored if communicated by another method or with less than 24 hours lead time.   

All special orders, including DIY Buckets and table top bouquets, come with specific cancellation clauses which are contained in the acknowledgement of order document provided to each customer.

delivery address submitted which is outside of the limited delivery area

For 2019, I am testing a limited area for delivery for Friday Flowers to determine if it is economically feasible for my small business.  The limited delivery area is delineated in the FAQ areas as well as on the order placement screen for Friday Flowers.  Additional positive acknowledgement of this term of sale is required prior to completing either order.  

Orders submitted with addresses for delivery outside of the identified limited delivery area or to homes will be cancelled and notification sent via e-mail to the e-mail address provided at the time of order.  Darnell School Farm reserves the right to assess a 10% cancellation fee to cover credit card processing charges.

A wide assortment of sunflowers are grown here at Darnell School Farm