Table Top Bouquets

From early-June through early-October, I offer table top bouquets for your special events.  Three styles are offered:  (1) low profile; (2) traditional profile and (3) market style.  A minimum of eight bouquets and a maximum of 24 are available for a given event date.

The low profile bouquet comes in a round, approximately 5" fluted vase which will provide for a table top bouquet of less than 12" in height.  This height is ideal for settings where conversation is key while seated as it does not interfere with the line of sight between guests.  Each low profile bouquet is $25.

The traditional profile bouquet comes in a hour glass shaped 8" tall vase which will provide for a table top bouquet of approximately 16" in height.  This height is ideal registration, serving, gift, etc. tables as well as high top/pub style tables where individuals will be primarily standing or in casual dining settings where line of sight is not key.  Each traditional profile bouquet is $25.

The market style is approximately 16" in height, is sleeved and rubber banded.  No vase is included.  The market style bouquet is intended for you to place in your own vessel once home and adjust the height and appearance as you desire.  Each market style bouquet is $20.00.

You total order is subject to Indiana sales tax. 

Two gallons of powdered flower food mix will be provided for each eight bouquets purchased.  Non-returnable cardboard packaging will be provided for you to transport low profile bouquets.  For traditional profile bouquets, carriers are available, a deposit will be charged and refunded upon their return to the Farm.  Buckets for transport of market style bouquets are included in their price (one bucket per four market style bouquets).

Please review the below FAQs prior to making your final purchase decision.


Table top Bouquet FAQs

Can you provide samples of the specific bouquets?

No, as each day brings new seasonal blooms here on the Farm my choice of beautiful blooms to share with you changes day to day. My Table Top Bouquet offering is a special priced offer and includes a mix of what is currently in bloom on the Farm the day your order is fulfilled, therefore samples of the specific bouquets are not available.  

How long will the flowers last?

All flowers have their own individual life, but most will last for 7-10 days if cared for properly which includes, but is not limited to, proper hydration, temperature control and placement out of direct sunlight. 

The flowers, greenery and herbs that are included in a Table Top Bouquet will not do well utilized in an outdoor event in the middle of our southern Indiana summers.  I recommend Table Top Bouquets for use in indoor air conditioned environments.

Do Table Top Bouquets need to be refrigerated?

No, but they do need to be stored in cool room or basement, out of direct sunlight and away from food and pets until the day of your event.  Additional flower food will be provided with your purchase and I recommend you utilize this to keep the flowers well hydrated.

When can I pick up my Table Top Bouquets?

A mutually agreeable date and time for you to pick up your bouquets at the Farm will be agreed to at the time of order.  You should plan to transport them in an air-conditioned vehicle such as a van or large SUV that has seats that fold down flat and has a non slip surface, bracing for the boxes or buckets provided to transport the bouquets is recommended.  


How do I order Table Top Bouquets?

Please complete the form that is found by selecting the below Order Inquiry Table Top Bouquets. I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability of flowers for your date. Once confirmed, you will need to provide a non-refundable deposit of 25% of your order within 7 days of receiving my confirmation. Payment in full by cash or credit-card is required at pickup.