DIY Buckets of Flowers

From early-June through early-October, I offer buckets of seasonal flowers, greenery and herbs for do-it-yourself designs.  Each bucket contains a seasonal mix of fresh-cut bouquet ingredients and is priced at $70 per bucket.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing A DIY Bucket

Social events demand a considerable amount of time and planning to execute their many facets.  I encourage that before you commit to purchase DIY flowers, you ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Do you have enough time the week of your event to manage the pickup up, design, storage and set-up?

  2. Do you have help to put the arrangements together?

  3. Do you have a workspace that is air-conditioned where you can get things messy and wet?

  4. Do you have all the tools you will need, including clippers as regular scissors will not cut stems?

  5. Do you have the ability to transport and/or store your bouquets once you are done designing/assembling them?

If you asked yourself the above and decided DIY is for you, then let me address some of the more FAQs with DIY Buckets.

DIY. . .do it yourself. . .flowers are available all season long here at the flower farm

DIY. . .do it yourself. . .flowers are available all season long here at the flower farm

DIY Bucket FAQs

How many stems are in a DIY Bucket of flowers?

The quantity of stems will vary and will depend on what the varieties are in bloom at the time your order is fulfilled. I estimate that a DIY Bucket will have 60-70 stems each.

How many table top arrangements can be made with each DIY bucket?

It depends on your vases and your design style. As a reference, you could do 5-7 quart sized mason jars depending on how airy or dense of a design you desire.  I would recommend you purchase several bouquets at a retail outlet or from me, disassemble them and take several types of vases you are considering and experiment with your design ideas. From this, you will be able to better estimate how many stems you will need per arrangement.

Are specific colors/color combinations available?

As a small flower farmer focused on offering market style bouquets to our local community, I grow small amounts of a wide variety of flowers so that I have an ever changing palette to offer. My DIY Bucket offering is a special priced offer and includes a mix of what is currently in bloom on the Farm the day your order is fulfilled, I am not able to guarantee requests to limit or focus the colors in the bucket.

Can I purchase additional flowers by the stem/bunch and what are the price ranges?

All flowers and greenery on the Farm are available for purchase as an add on to a DIY Bucket order. Below are some examples of flowers that may be available at time of order, a general seasonal availability guide can be found on the Home page and pricing is available upon request.  

  • Sunflowers - $10/5 stems

  • Lisianthus - $25/10 stems with 2 to 3 blooms per stem

  • Grasses/greenery/herbs - $18 per bunch

  • Celosia (cockscomb, plume and spicata) - $20/10 stems

  • Zinnia (Benary’s Giant) - $20/10 stems

How long will the flowers last?

All flowers have their own individual life, but most will last for 7 days if cared for properly which includes, but is not limited to, proper hydration, temperature control and placement out of direct sunlight.  The flowers, greenery and herbs that are included in a DIY Bucket are not necessarily ones that would do well utilized in an outdoor event in the middle of our southern Indiana summers.  I recommend DIY Buckets for use in indoor air conditioned environments.

Two gallons of powdered flower food mix is included with each DIY Bucket for use in your arrangements.

Does a DIY bucket need to be refrigerated?  

It is recommended but not required.  If you do not have access to a large fan-controlled cooler, store them in a cool room or basement, out of direct sunlight and away from food and pets. Utilizing holding solution and/or flower food is highly recommended. Remember that condensation inside a cooler can ruin flower petals if it drips on them.

When can I pick up my DIY bucket?

Flowers are available for pickup here at the Farm on Wednesday evenings between 4:00 and 7:00 pm or Thursday mornings between 6:00 – 7:00 am.  You should plan to transport them in an air-conditioned vehicle such as a van or large SUV that has seats that fold down flat and has a non slip surface.  I recommend you also bring bracing for the buckets to prevent them from turning over and/or sliding around. DIY Bucket contents could measure up to 36” in height, therefore pre-measurement of your transport vehicle is recommended.  

DIY buckets of flowers make do it yourself flowers arrangements a possibility for all

DIY buckets of flowers make do it yourself flowers arrangements a possibility for all

How do I order A DIY bucket?

Please complete the form that is found by selecting the below Order Inquiry DIY Buckets. I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability of bulk flowers for your date.  Once confirmed, you will need to provide a non-refundable deposit of 25% of your order within 7 days of receiving my confirmation.   Payment in full by cash or credit-card is required at pickup.  The $70 per bucket price is subject to Indiana sales tax.