What is the area where Friday Flowers are available for delivery?

Friday Flowers are available for delivery in a limited area and ONLY to business addresses where there is a designated receptionist or security desk that is staffed from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm on Fridays. 

Delivery is available within the following downtown Evansville geographical boundaries in addition to the specifically denoted businesses along the Highway 62/Lloyd Expressway corridor.  

  • Northern boundary – Franklin Street
  • Eastern boundary – Heidelbach Avenue
  • Southern boundary – Walnut Street
  • Western boundary – Fulton Avenue/Riverside Drive

Specifically denoted businesses where delivery is also available include:

  • Solarbron Family-First Senior Living
  • University of Southern Indiana
  • Mead Johnson Nutrition

Please note, if the delivery address of the business is along the Highway 62/Lloyd Expressway corridor east of Marrs Elementary School here in Mt. Vernon and ending at Fulton Avenue exit on the Lloyd Expressway, please contact me via Messenger on the Farm’s Facebook page prior to ordering so that I can confirm I can accomodate your delivery request. 

For security purposes, no home delivery is offered. 

What can I expect the bouquet will look like?

Each day brings new seasonal blooms here on the Farm. 

The Sunshine Bouquet includes a combination of approximately 7 different flowers, greenery and herbs with approximately 20 stems in a market style bouquet.  From spiky to airy, from bright yellow to perfectly pink, a unique combination of forms, textures and colors come in every hand crafted market style Sunshine Bouquet. 

The Sunflower Surprise Bouquet includes 5 – 7 beautiful sunflowers accompanied by colorful airy accent flowers, greenery and herbs that will fill your room with wonderful scents and a feeling of sunshine all day long. 

I harvest the flowers and prepare your bouquet to order in my workshop.  The bouquet is delivered in a vase and includes a personalized card and packet of flower food mix.

Why aren’t there pictures of the exact bouquets on your site?  

Each day brings new seasonal blooms here on the Farm which means my choice of beautiful blooms to share with you changes day to day.  

We are blessed in this area to have a host of wonderful designers and florists to serve our community, what sets my market style bouquets apart is just this – I grow what I share with you and can let my imagination run wild when it comes to combining textures, shapes, colors and scents for your bouquet. I’ve been known to include bright currant tomatoes and blooming runner beans as accents and maybe include a clove of recently cured garlic to feature the Farm’s bounty.  Now what florist is going to have this available?!?

How long will the bouquet last?

Your market style bouquet will include a variety of seasonal blooms, each with its own natural life span, on average the bouquet will last 7-10 days with good care which includes utilizing the flower food that is provided with the bouquet, maintaining a clean vase and displaying the flowers in a cool location out of direct sun light.  

Please take a few moments to review my flower care tips for the best recommendations for carrying for your flowers or those you are gifting.

I hear there is a 3chicks fudge or cookie add-on available?

Rachel Rainey of 3Chicks Fudgery has joined up to offer a Friday Flower bouquet add-on of ½# or a full pound of fudge or chocolate chip cookies.  The ½# of fudge will be ¼# each of her two most popular flavors and the full pound of fudge will be ¼# each of her four most popular flavors currently on the in-store menu.  Sugar-free fudge is available upon request at time of original order.  

In a nut shell, how do friday flowers work?

  1. Prior to Thursday morning at 6:00 am, you select from the Sunshine or Sunflower Surprise Bouquet and if desired, add on the ½# or 1# fudge or cookie option; 
  2. You identify the delivery location and if a gift, the information for the recipient;
  3. You make payment by credit card to Darnell School Farm; 
  4. I thank you for your order and provide you confirmation and general information via e-mail; and 
  5. I deliver your order on Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.

What is the price range for friday flower bouquets?

Both market style bouquets are $25.00 each and include a vase, personalized card and a packet of flower food.

One-half pound of 3Chicks Fudgery fudge is $6.50 and full pound is $13.00.  Three chocolate chip cookies are $5.00.

Delivery is $5.00.

All items are subject to Indiana sales tax.

Prices and tax rates are subject to change, prices posted in the online store supersede pricing information contained in the FAQs section.

When are flowers generally available?

For 2018, I am planning for flowers to be available late-May through October.   The deadline for Friday delivery is Thursday/6 AM CST.  My delivery window is from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm each Friday.  

Are there specific terms and conditions of sale?

 Some of the Farmer's favorite 2017 bouquets

Some of the Farmer's favorite 2017 bouquets