What is a Flower bouquet Subscription?

When you sign up for a flower subscription, you will receive a farmers’ market style bouquet of beautiful locally-grown fresh flowers every other Tuesday for the number of weeks you choose.  

The first time your bouquet is delivered to your designated pick up location in a vase that is car cup holder friendly.  All following weeks your bouquet is delivered in a bouquet sleeve only, so please bring your vase with you at the time of pickup.  

A packet of flower food is provided and I encourage you to use this to prolong the life of your flowers – they get hungry too!

How Long Will The Bouquet Last?

Your bouquet will include a variety of seasonal blooms, each with its own natural life span, on average the bouquet will last 7-10 days with good care which includes utilizing the flower food that is provided with the bouquet, maintaining a clean vase and displaying the flowers in a cool location out of direct sun light.  

Please see all the tips for caring for your bouquet of fresh flowers. 

In a nut shell, how does a flower bouquet subscription work?

  1. On this website, you select the length of the subscription;

  2. You select your host site pick-up location;

  3. You sign up for installment payments by credit card to Darnell School Farm;

  4. I will provide you confirmation and general information via e-mail;

  5. I will deliver your subscription to your chosen host site per the designated schedule; and

  6. You pick up your bouquet on the same day prior to the host site closing.

How much does a flower bouquet subscription cost?

There is no delivery fee associated with picking your bouquet up at participating local-business host sites or participating retirement communities.     

Applicable Indiana sales tax will be added to the purchase price at the time of payment.   

$18/bouquet for a total of $180

Billed in 5 equal installments of $36

Sign-up anytime before Friday, May 17th

$18/bouquet for a total of $144

Billed in 4 equal installments of $36

Sign-up anytime before Friday, June 14th

$20/bouquet for a total of $120

Billed in 3 equal installments of $40

Sign-up anytime before Friday, July12th

$20/bouquet for a total of $80

Billed in 2 equal installments of $40

Sign-up anytime before Friday, August 9th

How Do I pay For a Bouquet Subscription?

I utilize Squarespace’s credit card based installment billing feature for all subscriptions so that my customers are effectively paying for two bi-weekly bouquets at a time as opposed to the full amount of the subscription up front.

Squarespace has enabled this new subscription feature. where each customer will complete their purchase on my website one time and then automatically they will be billed for the respective number of installments without having to revisit the site. The initial installment is made at the time the order is placed with each subsequent installment due in 4 week increments (or another way to look at it in two bi-weekly bouquet increments). Billing details are contained on the Order Confirmation that is e-mailed to each customer, no additional billing notices are sent.

I have not activated an automatic renewal feature. As an example, if you purchase a 8 week subscription and then decide later to add another 8 weeks, you will need to complete a new order for the second 8 week period.

When and where can I pick up my flowers? 

You can view the set weekly delivery rotation schedule HERE.

TUESDAY Subscription delivery sites include:.

  • 3Chicks Fudgery - Mount Vernon - by 10:30 am

  • Culinary Innovations by April Boeke - Westside at 2308 W Franklin Street, Evansville - vy 11:00 am

  • Elbert's Natural Food Market - Eastside at 5614 E. Virginia, Evansville - by noon

  • Outside The Gift Box - Downtown at 327 Main Street, Evansville - by 11:30 am

  • The Farmhouse - Northeast at 7212 Olmstead Road, Evansville - by 12:30 pm

More host sites will be added in the near term.  If you have a site your would like to recommend, please contact the Farmer, Kathy Yearwood.

Can I provide a flower bouquet subscription as a gift to someone?

Absolutely!  At time of check out here on the website you have the option to designate this as a gift. Please note the thank you confirmation along with some important information about the subscription will come to you and to the gift recipient the week before your subscription starts so that they have an easy point of contact with me. 

When does the flower bouquet subscription program run?

For 2019, subscriptions will begin late May with Mother Nature’s cooperation and will be available through September.  You can purchase a subscription anytime during this period up to August 9th, depending on availability and will receive your first bouquet on the next scheduled bi-weekly delivery.  The delivery schedule will be a set schedule and is posted HERE.

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the spring season or sign up to receive e-mail updates on the Farm.

What if I cannot pick up my flowers on Tuesday before the host closes?

Each host site has graciously offered to host us and has limited space to accommodate all of the bouquets.  Out of consideration, please pick up your flowers during the time frame or arrange to have someone else pick them up for you. Part of our arrangement is that each host site can gift bouquets that are not picked up during the designated time to other businesses or individuals.

What if I am on vacation?

Please gift your subscription bouquet for that week to a co-worker, friend or family member and provide them with the pick up information including the recommendation to bring a vase along for transport.

What if Darnell School Farm does not deliver my bouquet To the host site?

I take my commitment to you seriously; however, I grow everything in the field which may be impacted by weather, wildlife and other factors out of my control.  Should a bouquet delivery be missed, I will add a week to your subscription or refund your payment for that week based on your preference.

Are there specific terms and conditions of sale?

Fresh locally grown flower bouquet subscriptions just for you and found throughout the tri-state at locations near you!

Fresh locally grown flower bouquet subscriptions just for you and found throughout the tri-state at locations near you!